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Since 2009, the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas has been home to one of TV's most intriguing reality shows, "Pawn Stars." The pawn shop in downtown Las Vegas is open daily and is so popular among tourists that the shop's owner Rick Harrison is now adding a two-level shopping plaza called Pawn Plaza

"Pawn Stars" is a fascinating show because the characters have great personalities and the customers bring in some interesting antique items. Everyone that watches the show knows about the basics of what goes on at Gold and Silver Pawn and the four main characters (Old Man, Rick, Corey, Chumlee). You probably know the Old Man and his son, Rick, own the shop. You also probably know they buy and sell some epic antiques.

But you may not these interesting facts about the show and its stars.

Chumlee is a Vegas DJ

If you've watched enough of Pawn Stars, you probably know that Chumlee has a passion for music. Last week, Chumlee hit the decks at Ghostbar at Palms, and now has plans to make frequent appearances as a DJ around Las Vegas. Chumlee performed a one-hour set at Palms and invited his co-stars (excluding the Old Man, of course) and many others. 

Corey Harrison dropped 192 pounds

When the show first started back in 2009, Corey Harrison was a rather large dude. Now, he's somewhat thin. Corey weighed in at a whopping 402 pounds back in 2010, which led his doctor to prescribe diabetes prevention meds. This was a wakeup call for the son of co-star Rick Harrison. Not only did Corey lose some weight. He lost 192 pounds. Chumlee also hit the gym and dropped nearly 100 pounds after Corey Harrison set a good example. 

Gold and Silver Pawn sells some cool Pawn Stars collector's items

Photo by Nick Ares via flickr

Although your chances of getting to see one of the stars of the show in person aren't that great, visiting Gold and Silver Pawn is a cool experience. There are many collector's items such as shirts, mugs, hats, etc. available for purchase in the shop. This is a great place to find a souvenir to bring home, if you're a fan of the show. 

The shop once melted down a $50,000 stolen coin collection

No, the folks over at Gold and Silver Pawn didn't steal any coins. A coin thief brought in a collection of stolen coins to the shop in 2014 and received approximately $12,000 in cash. When police came to recover the stolen coins, they were informed the coins had already been melted down and were unable to retrieve them. Unfortunately, the owner hadn't reported the coins as stolen in time. The pawn shop had no idea the coins were stolen until it was too late.  

A Beverly Hills auctioneer recently auctioned off items purchased during Pawn Stars episodes  

Photo by Matthew Straubmuller via flickr

Julie's Auctions, a Beverly Hills auctioneer, auctioned off many antique items that were purchased by the pawn shop during "Pawn Stars" episodes. They auctioned off antique guns, artifacts, rare military items, classic cars, etc. Many of those items were seen on episodes of "Pawn Stars."

Pawn Stars was a show in downtown Las Vegas and at the Riviera … briefly

There was a brief spoof of Pawns Stars, called Pawn Shop Live! in downtown Las Vegas and then the Riviera. Pawn Shop Live! was a depiction of the show's stars, including an Old Man puppet. The show started on January 1, 2014 at the Golden Nugget, moved to the Riviera in March 2014, and lasted only until August 24, 2014, despite getting a backing from investor Rick Harrison and the other popular stars of "Pawn Stars."

When you're in town, take a short hike to the downtown area and visit Gold and Silver Pawn. Maybe you'll get lucky and one of the show's stars will be in. Or perhaps you'll be able to catch construction on or the 2015 summer opening of Pawn Plaza.

If not, it's still a cool experience. And don't forget to catch the show on the History Channel.    

Featured photo by Steve Sutherland via flickr.

Jon Sofen
Jon Sofen is a freelance writer residing in Las Vegas. His areas of expertise range from sports and poker to travel and entertainment. His goal is to provide insightful commentary on his favorite activities in his favorite cities. Jon is an experienced Copywriter. You can visit his website at or follow him on Twitter.



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