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So you're headed to Vegas. It's likely you won't remember much that happens once you set foot off the plane. Perhaps you can invest in a permanent momento of your Vegas vacation ... a tattoo.

Want to know more about the Las Vegas tattoo scene, but don’t know where to look? There are several Las Vegas tattoo shops both on and off the Las Vegas Strip. And some of the best shops aren't necessarily located in the most touristy areas of town.

Here is your definitive guide to getting a tattoo in Las Vegas.

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Seven Tattoo Studio

Some of the best artists in the world work and guest spot here. Currently, Daniel Rocha, Pete Terranova and Kevin (no last name) work there. Josh Hagan guest spots there for long stints/used to work there full-time, and Carl Grace was a previous full-time artist there. All five of those artists have won hundreds of awards and are considered some of the top artists in their style. If you want black and grey, realism or anything in-between, go here. Make sure you book an appointment far in advance.

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Hart and Huntington

If you are looking to get a tattoo from a celebrity artist, then there is no place better than Hart and Huntington. There are three locations across the country, but the Vegas studio has the most artists spanning a wide-range of styles. Famous artist Lea Vendetta is a resident here and she isn’t just famous because of her beauty, she is one of the most talented artists on this planet. This shop includes other amazing artists like Ryan Jenkins, (Jason) Blanco and Steven Banegas. Amazing guest artists also do stints here because of the shops well-known reputation.

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Downtown Tattoo

Are you a fan of the American Traditional style? What about the Neo-Traditional style? Then this is the shop for you! Not only is this the best shop for the traditional styles in Vegas, but it is also one of the best shops in the country. Amazing artists Buddy Holiday, Ross Henry, Eric Ayala, Britney Goodman, Bernard Dunn, and Ryan Phillips work here full time. Bold colors and lines define American Traditional and Neo-Traditional, and that is exactly what these artists provide. You will not be disappointed here.

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This shop is off the strip, so unless you read this article, or do lots of research, it would be tough to stumble upon them. Located across the street from the University of Nevada Las Vegas, their artists can do everything under the sun, including Watercolor, Realism, Neo-Traditional, Lettering, Tribal, and so much more. Incredibly talented Fred Giovannitti, Michael Stone, Jeffrey McIntosh, Bam Morris and Eric Fritz work out of this shop full-time. All are highly regarded within the tattoo industry, so if you are looking to get a tattoo off the strip from, then this is the place for you.

-- Beau Carson

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