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Home / A slice of Secret Pizza: So good you won’t be able to keep your piehole shut

The Cosmopolitan has some of the swankiest restaurants in town, so discovering its low-key secret is nothing short of a delight. This delicious bite of New York City pulls patrons back again and again through high quality pizza and an affordable price per slice.

Secret Pizza is located on the third floor of the Cosmopolitan. Part of the fun is finding it. Without a sign or a logo, they keep it inconspicuous, but I’ll give you some hints. Your goal is to find and follow an unmarked hallway, one you would walk past or avoid in any other circumstance. It’s distinguished by its walls, which are lined with vinyl record covers, and an ‘80s kind of feel.

Photo by Laura Lefkowitz

Behold the hidden hallway ... the pathway to Secret Pizza.


The intimate atmosphere of Secret Pizza embodies the trendy street style of New York City. When you walk into the room at the end of the “mystery” hallway, you’ll find a simple counter and cashier setup. You can even watch them make the pizza in front of you. Every slice is served on old-school checkered wax paper over a paper plate.

This restaurant can get busy at high priority times (like when everyone stumbles out of Marquee at 3 a.m.). When there’s a wait, play one of the several arcade games situated against the wall or strike up a conversation with someone else in line; the drunker they are, the friendlier.

Photo by Laura Lefkowitz

A glimpse inside Secret Pizza.


There is a standing counter with a few bar stools, but this is more of a grab and go kind of place. Take your pizza to the lounge area situated in front of the hallway. It has a pool table and a few couches. If you are staying at the Cosmopolitan, we suggest that you bring a slice up to your hotel room and enjoy the view.

Photo by Laura Lefkowitz

It looks as good as it tastes ... and that's no secret.

Taste of the Pizza

On to the important part. Pizza is a heated topic for many people. This is a thin, New York-style pie with a crispy crust. It’s just the right amount of greasy – the kind that satisfies you after an extensive night of Vegas partying. After all, everyone knows the best pizza is drunk pizza. This may be the only time Chicago and the Big Apple agree.

The retro menu on the wall is nondescript. You’ll have to look at the available pies or order an entire pizza ahead of time for them to make it before you arrive. The white pizza is a local favorite, topped with ricotta, mozzarella and herb seasoning. Occasionally, they make the best calzones known to man.

Since you’re already there, grab a cannoli for desert – made fresh daily. Add it to the best regrets of your night.  If you came off the dance floor, you’ve earned it.

Secret Pizza is open from 11 a.m. to 5a.m., Friday through Monday and until 4 a.m. the rest of the week. The pizza runs about $5 slice, sometimes more for additional toppings.

Samantha Wilson
Samantha writes from Los Angeles. She loves traveling, blogging, and binge-watching Netflix. You can find more of her work on her blog, To Do What We Love.


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